Top 10 Reasons Why Affiliate Programs Fail – Part 1

Linda Woods is a 15-year veteran of the affiliate marketing industry who is widely recognized as the founder of the outsourced program management (OPM) movement. She has built and managed affiliate programs for hundreds of brands including eBay, 21st Century Insurance, Quicken Loans, and Motorcycle Superstore. We are thrilled to have Linda onboard as the [&hellip

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7 Commission Structures to Consider for your Affiliate Program

One of the biggest advantages of affiliate marketing is that it’s performance-based, meaning brands can pay on a conversion (lead, visit, sign-up, sale, etc.) basis. This is a huge relief to companies with limited budgets that want to maximize reach. For advertisers considering affiliate marketing, there are a number of commission structures to consider, each [&hellip

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Is Email Marketing Really Dying?

With more consumers transitioning to mobile and social networking platform to communicate, the fate of email marketing has been a hot topic as of late. However, most studies done by credible research organizations seem to point out that although the number of consumer email accounts might decline over the next few years, email advertising is [&hellip

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